Cuisinart Bread Maker

If you are looking for a tasty and easy way to prepare bread for your family, Cuisinart bread makers are one of the best options out there.

The 2-lb. Convection Bread Maker is a hit with most families, because it allows you the ease of baking three loaf sizes, and you can bake up to two pounds of bread at a time. The speed and timing of the bread maker can be automatically adjusted depending on the size of the loaf and the consistency that you want for the bread. There are also sixteen menu options on the Cuisinart bread maker, and you can make dough for sweet bread, cakes, sandwich bread, and pizza dough.

If you have special diet needs, you will find the recipe handbook that comes with the Cuisinart bread maker especially useful. For gluten free breads, you can use ingredients like almond or teff flour, and if you want to create breads that are low in carbohydrates, there are several baking choices found in the booklet. This means you can bake bread for anyone in the family, and these recipes will give you more ideas for ways to make your original recipes even better.

Page Updated: 17 July 2012
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