Sunbeam Bread Maker

Would you like to know how to prepare those fresh-baked loaves that you usually pick up at your local baker? You can learn how with the Sunbeam Bread Maker. The company has been manufacturing baked goods of all kinds for years now, and you can create the same quality of breads for your family right in your own kitchen.

The Sunbeam bread maker is very convenient, because it allows you to program the kneading and baking time for your bread. You simply pour the ingredients that you want for your loaf into the machine at the correct measurements, and the bread maker will do the rest. In addition, if you choose the Express Bake machine, you could have your own loaf of bread in less than an hour.

The bread making machines can also help you and your family save a considerable amount of money on groceries, since you will only need to buy flour, milk, or oil in place of bread when you visit the grocery store, and these ingredients last much longer than a loaf of bread will in your pantry.

If you want to time the intervals at which you bake your bread, or you want to put a loaf in the machine and have it ready the next day, you can set your Sunbeam bread maker to one of the cooking functions that allows your bread to slow-cook, so that you can take it from the machine 12 or 13 hours later. There are also complete instructions included in the machine for you to bake multiple loaves at a time.

One of the biggest concerns that most people have when it comes to purchasing a bread maker is cleanup. The Sunbeam bread maker has a baking pan that is very easy to clean, and you can simply wipe the machine with a damp cloth after every use to get rid of breadcrumbs. There is also a paddle or spatula that comes with the machine and you will need to wipe this clean with mild dishwashing detergent after each use.

If you are worried about how long the Sunbeam bread maker will last, you are protected under a one-year warranty, which means that if anything goes wrong with the machine during the first 12 months, you can return it.

Page Updated: 17 July 2012
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